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Broken windows in Jewish shops, looting Nazisquietly watching those who createxia police brutality. And all this – in the center of Berlin. This is what the capital looks like Germany in new ones cult german season bodyseries “Babylon-Berlin”. Premiere fourth in a row sezone, whose action takes place in 1931, and storyline based on historical detective novel by a German writer Volker kuchera (Volker Kutscher) “Goldstein: The Third Case” Gereon rate” (“Goldstein: Gereon Raths cheater fall”), will be held today, September 20. in Berlin. The episode will air on the pay-per-view channel Sky One on October 8, 2022. In the public domain it will be shown in 2023 on the first German television channel ARD.

Guest from across the ocean

The early late 1920s – early 1930s. Sunset of the Weimar Republic. The main character of the series and main character published in 2010 historical detective cycle Volker Kuchuera, Commissioner police from Cologne Gereon Rat (Gerion ratha)arrive in Berlin. His job is to find a porn movie that is being blackmailed Mayor of Cologne Konrad AdenauerKonrad Adenauer). During the investigation he has to deal with politics, mafia murder, drugs, extremism. Thus began the first season of the television series “Babylon-Berlin”.

On the set of the fourth season of the “Babylon Berlin” series in BerlinPhoto: Jörg Carstensen/dpa/photo alliance

CentralOh figuresOh fourth season of the series is becoming jewish gangster Abraham”abe” Goldstein (Abrahamabe” Goldstein)who was “under the gun” with the FBI. Summer 1931a he pfishing from Brooklyn to Berlin. detective Gereon ratu timekeep an eye on him. The Commissioner initially thinks that this excercise – boring. However soon he realizes how difficult and dangerous it will be.

Volker Bruch as Police Commissioner Gereon RathPhoto: picture-alliance/Sky/Beta Film/X-Filme/ARD Degeto/F. Batie

While Rath is bored at his observation post in the fashionable Excelsior Hotel, where Goldstein is staying, the mobster sneaks out of the hotel unnoticed and recovers in the city, where he gets his weapons. From the hand of the “brown shirt” he rescues an old Jewish man and then hides with relatives. Later, the stormtrooper, who raised his hand to the old man, is killed and they try to blame Goldstein for the murder. Rath follows the American’s trail and slowly realizes that whoever he’s hunting is not a criminal. As a result, the police officer and the gangster begin to work together and uncover a criminal gang. Then Goldstein, thanks to Rath’s support, returns to the United States.

Confused story and mysterious hero

The characters of the fourth season of the “Babylon-Berlin” series are placed in the context of important historical events. It was a time when the economic crisis in Germany worsened, National Socialism gained momentum, animosity towards Jews and representatives of other nationalities grew, there were more and more violent street clashes between the NSDAP assault detachments and fighters of the German communist organization ” Union of Red Front Soldiers” (“Rot Front”), and a battle for supremacy between mafia groups raged in the underground.

While filming on the banks of the SpreePhoto: Jörg Carstensen/dpa/photo alliance

The directors of the film are Tom Tykwer, Achim von Borries, Henkrik Handloegten. With Volker Bruch. Babylon Berlin became the most expensive German TV series of all time. According to the film results, the first season has already become the most budget series in the history of German cinema: 40 billion euros. The success of the audience is no less incredible: as of the end of December 2020, the first three seasons of the film have received more than 40 million views. What is not surprising, however: neo-noir was chosen as the style of the film, and this is a gloomy atmosphere, a complicated story, a mysterious protagonist. Such a “cocktail” always excites the viewer’s nerves and chains him to the screen.

to film fourth season of the ambitious series “Babylon-Berlin” took place in Berlin and the surrounding area, as well as in the federal North Rhine-Westphalia.

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