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German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock appealed to the Russian Federation to stop the war, because the Russian Federation will not win this war.

She did so on Thursday during a meeting at ministerial level of the UN Security Council, a Ukrinform correspondent reported.

“I call on Russia: this is a war you will not win, so end the war. Stop the suffering of the Ukrainians, stop sending your own people to death; cancel your shameful “referendums” that are as illegal as the war they are supposed to legitimize. Stop the grain war, which is causing hunger on the planet… And stop paralyzing the work of the UN Security Council,” said the head of German diplomacy.

She noted that President Putin’s recent statements clearly showed that Russia is not conducting a “special military operation”, Russia is waging a full-scale aggressive war, involving war crimes, torture, rape, even children.

Burbock noted that to many in the world, the war in Ukraine may seem like a distant regional war. But this 200-day war now affects everyone, increasing impoverishment, hunger and insecurity across the world.

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The minister drew attention to the fact that Russian minister Sergei Lavrov was in the room just long enough to give his long speech, without mentioning terms such as ‘hunger’, ‘poverty’, etc.

“This war will bring only pain, death and destruction,” the minister said.

She urged the public to ask, “If we allow one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council to unleash such a war of conquest against a neighboring country, what does that mean for the United Nations?”

Burbock referred to the provision of the UN Charter and emphasized that countries should not be inactive if this permanent member abuses his special right – the veto. The UN is not Russia, the UN is all states, big and small, emphasized the head of the German Foreign Ministry.

As Ukrinform reported, this week’s high-level meetings of the 77th UN General Assembly in New York began with the participation of member state delegations led by heads of state or government. UN headquarters on Thursday hosted a Security Council meeting to fight impunity related to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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