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In addition to the groundbreaking news that YouTube will start monetizing short films as well as update affiliate program, today the company also announced a new offering for creators using music to accompany their videos: Creator Music, which is currently in beta testing. This new direction will introduce a large catalog of songs that creators can browse, search for and buy, with music rights terms laid out in simple terms so they understand costs. They will also be able to select tracks with a new revenue sharing option where both creators and music rights holders earn money from their content.

The changes were unveiled at today’s Made on YouTube live stream, where the company unveiled its plans to keep the video-making community alive in the face of the growing threat of TikTok. Here, he announced a number of changes, primarily aimed at helping creators make more money.

However, with Creator Music, YouTube also simplifies the sometimes difficult process of finding background tunes for creators’ video content.

“The creators have told us over and over again that finding the right song isn’t that hard. You really need to figure out how to license it,” said Amjad Hanif, YouTube’s VP of Creator Products.

As explained at the event, when a creator typically uses a song that does not belong to him, he must transfer all advertising revenue to the music license holder. This means that commercial music will often not be used in YouTube videos – the company’s new offering aims to change that.

Instead of transferring revenue to the copyright holder, tracks on Creator Music can either be purchased directly or through a clearing deal. In the first case, the creator buys a license, which specifies the conditions and tariffs. In the latter case, the creators will share a portion of their income with the artists and songwriters, but will not incur any upfront costs for gaining access to the songs.

“Music can enhance that emotional connection between artists, creators, and all of their fans – and we want to strengthen that by offering more opportunities for creators to work, while at the same time helping artists meet fans where they already are: right here. on YouTube,” Hanif added.

To use this new resource, creators can search for songs they have in mind, or they can search based on the budget they have set for the project. The service gives them the ability to access a large catalog of popular music instead of being limited to just stock music or no music at all, as is often the case, especially with smaller creators who can’t afford the costs of using it. music in your videos.

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Of course, Creator Music is also giving YouTube another arrow in its quiver when it comes to taking on TikTok, which has expanded its service with short videos of popular music and is now rumored to be working on its own. own streaming music servicealso.

YouTube says Creator Music is in beta testing and will launch in the US this fall. The service currently works with independent partners including Empire, Believe, Downtown, and Merlin. However, the company did not say if major labels would be included and, if so, when.

After launching in the US, Creator Music will expand to other markets in 2023.

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