Yunus Akgun proposal from Vincenzo Montella to Jose Mourinho!

Vincenzo Montella, who is the coach of Adana Demirspor, one of the Spor Toto Super League teams, suggested a transfer to his former club Roma. The Italian coach proposed Galatasaray’s Yunus Akgün, who played for Adana team on loan last season, to Jose Mourinho.

Adana Demirspor News Release Date: 22.11.2022- 14:27

10 years Rome Montella, who wore the jersey and started his coaching career in the capital team, spoke to the Italian press in an interview. Galatasaray‘from Yunus AkgunHe proposed to his old team.


“I am still a Roma supporter. I was born and raised in Rome. I have no possibility to support another team. Even my sisters are Roma supporters,” said the 48-year-old coach. “I follow Rome. It is not an easy season. Very important players have been injured; dybala and spinazzola. at the stadium. the atmosphere is always great. team i think Mourinho will be successful. I can recommend Yunus Akgün to Rome. He’s not having a good time at Galatasaray right now, but he’s an offensive player with very interesting skills,”

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By Peter Kavinsky

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