Zelensky announced additional solutions to ensure stable communications

Volodymyr Zelensky announced additional solutions for communication stability in Ukraine during the war.

That is what the president of Ukraine said in the evening video messagetalking about the regular meeting of the Commander-in-Chief’s headquarters on November 24, reports Ukrinform.

“Particular attention is being paid to the communication system. Whatever the terrorists plan, we must keep in touch. Russia wants the Ukrainians not only to be without light and heat… The terrorists want to isolate us from each other and make sure that we don’t feel each other “That’s why this is a fundamental issue. And there will be additional decisions on this matter. We are preparing them,” the president stressed.

Zelensky also recalled that during the headquarters meeting the problems were analyzed in detail energyprotecting the energy system from new Russian strikes, repairs and the supply of equipment and the involvement of specialists.

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As reported, on November 23, the Russian Federation launched a massive missile strike against a number of regions of Ukraine, especially on energy infrastructure.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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