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On the 211th day of a large-scale army Russian invasion of Ukraine Russian troops continue to try to capture the neighboring country’s settlements. The forces and units of the territorial defense of Ukraine resist aggression. It is impossible to verify the statements of representatives of both parties from independent sources. About 14 million Ukrainians have already left their homes, according to the UN. DW continues to follow developments Thursday September 22 (Moscow time).


Five Points of the “Formula of the World”in implementation of which it would be possible to end the war in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, speaking via video link at the UN General Assembly, made public.
The first point, he says, is the punishment for violating borders, including through sanctions, blocking trade with the aggressor country and taking away his right of veto.
The second point is the right of every state to protect the lives of its citizens.
The third point is the restoration of security, including food and nuclear safety, and territorial integrity.
The fourth point is security guarantees.
The fifth point of the “peace formula” is the determination to defend and the determination to help.
“What’s not in our formula is neutrality,” Ukraine’s president stressed, explaining that neutrality is indifference.


List participants in anti-war protests detained by police officers, keeps increasing. On September 22, 01:51 am, more than 1,400 people were detained in 38 cities, most of them – 565 protesters – in St. Petersburg, reports “OVD-Info”. Protocols are being drawn up against the detainees under the article on discrediting the Russian army.


The United States thanked the President and the Government of Ukraine for including two US citizens, Alexander Dryuk and Andy Hune, on the Prisoner Exchange List, and the Crown Prince and Government of Saudi Arabia for facilitating this exchange. “We look forward to reuniting our citizens with their families,” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan wrote on Twitter.

Advisor to the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko published pictures of the prisoner swapheld in the Chernihiv region.


The head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, and the security service of Ukraine confirmed via a nationwide telethon that, as part of the prisoner exchange, the Russian side Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk was extradited.


Russia and Ukraine exchanged prisoners. This information was officially confirmed by the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak. According to him, 215 Ukrainian soldiers, including 124 officers, have been released from Russian captivity. Among the freedmen were 108 commanders and fighters of the Azov regiment. Among the commanders of “Azov” are Denis Prokopenko (call sign – Reddis), Sergey Volynsky (Volyn) and Svyatoslav Palamar (Kalina). The release of photographer Dmitry Kozatsky, the author of photos featuring wounded Azovstal soldiers, and senior sergeant of the 36th Brigade Mikhail Dianov, the hero of one of Kozatsky’s most recognizable photos, are also reported.

The Russian side has not yet responded to this exchange. Who (or what) Moscow received in return is also unknown. According to unconfirmed reports, the pro-Russian leader of the Ukrainian “Opposition Platform – For Life” party Viktor Medvedchuk, dubbed “Vladimir Putin’s godfather” by the media, has been extradited from the Russian side. In 2021, Medvedchuk was charged on two counts with treason and an attempted “looting of national resources”.


At least 1,378 people were detained for anti-war protests in Russia, reports “OVD-Info”. Nearly 550 people were detained in St. Petersburg, overall detentions were carried out in 38 cities where protests took place against the partial mobilization announced on September 21. Human rights activists say they are trying to hand over subpoenas to military detainee registration and recruitment offices in several police departments in Moscow. Protocols are also being drawn up about the detainees under the article on discrediting the Russian army.


Pro-Russian separatists of the so-called “DPR” released ten foreigners they held, including five British citizens, as well as citizens of the United States, Morocco, Sweden and Croatia. It was previously reported that authorities in the self-proclaimed republic had sentenced some of them to death on mercenary charges. A video featuring Britons Sean Pinner, Aiden Aslin, as well as Moroccan citizen Saadoun Brahim, was posted on Twitter by Saudi Arabia’s state news agency, where the freedmen were taken from Russia. The prisoners’ release was later confirmed by British Prime Minister Liz Truss. “Russia must stop the brutal exploitation of POWs and civilian prisoners for political purposes,” she wrote on Twitter, thanking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Saudi authorities for their help.

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