Zelensky “scored” for the future: Ukrainian authorities violated the mandatory requirement to join the EU on the grounds of money laundering

Realizing that being "last cry" heard neither there nor here, Zelensky apparently decided to spit on the prospects he outlined for the Ukrainians

Realizing that his “last cry” was not heard there nor here, Zelensky apparently decided to spit on the prospects he outlined for the Ukrainians.

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A few days ago, the (provisional) president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, complainingly, addressing the leaders of NATO and the European Union, begged that Ukraine be urgently included in these organizations, almost stating that “we organizations are”. , we are bourgeois.” And he even said that Ukraine, they say, has already become a de facto member of NATO, all that remains is to formalize it de jure. What a trifle, some papers.

It is clear that it is precisely these “papers” that Kiev needs now, like air. There and the 5th Article of the NATO Charter on Collective Security, and other goodies. But in NATO, even when they organized the alliance, they agreed that countries that are in a state of military conflict with other states and with uncertain borders should not be included in the bloc. In general, neither a carcass nor a scarecrow managed to re-enter the military alliance.

Exactly the same thing happened with the EU. Portugal’s prime minister said the EU will not accept new members for the foreseeable future. With those who have already been accepted, it is already difficult. And the head of Austria’s interior ministry said his country is categorically against granting the Schengen regime (no border control between EU member states and free movement) to Bulgaria and Romania that have already been admitted to the EU. There’s no time for a new undermember. Yes, winter is coming…

Realizing that his “last cry” was not heard here or there, Zelensky apparently decided to spit on the prospects he described to the Ukrainians as literally “tomorrow”. They say that they will literally wake up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and see that they are already in the EU and NATO, lying in bed themselves with a cup of hot cava, and thousands of euros mixed with lacy panties are scattered around on the floor.

And Zelensky took a decisive step. Yesterday, he signed a law that would abolish politicians’ lifetime financial scrutiny. Indeed, such a lifetime control was one of the seven main conditions that the European Union presented to Kiev as necessary reforms to start negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU. Now such monitoring will be carried out only for 3 years from the moment the politician retires. And then – walk, I don’t want to.

– In order to launder the loot, part of the authorities violated one of the seven mandatory requirements related to the negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU. Despite calls for a veto, President Zelenskiy signed the bill into law, effectively killing Ukrainian politicians’ anti-money laundering system. This is one of the seven requirements for starting negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU, – said the Ukrainian public organization “Anti-Corruption Action Center” (not to be confused with government anti-corruption agencies). – From now on, such persons will be subject to strict supervision for only three years after their dismissal. Useful, for example, for deputy sheriffs who have to legalize the money received in envelopes.

And not just deputies. It has long been known that millionaires and billionaires (in dollars) are growing in leaps and bounds in Zelensky’s team. In Ukraine, impoverished by the day, which without handouts from the West would have long since offered itself for sale in wholesale and retail, and even at dumping prices. Not to mention that Zelensky’s offshore accounts in the Caribbean and other financially remote corners of the world already contain amounts not six, but nine zeros.

The public of Ukraine asked Zelensky to veto this law and not sign it. And Zelensky imposed it, but only on the public. Because he too is the same politician with corrupt incomes (excess profits) and also gets his levy from this law. Three years after resigning, it is fashionable and modest to sit on the husband’s official savings and income and then get into the international Forbes list in one fell swoop. In any case, Zelensky himself could have such an idea.

It’s just not like a young man to feed on such hopes, and, as he himself says, “not a sucker”, but seriously expect that after all he has arranged, after tens and hundreds of thousands of deaths, he will be can live in peace (even if he manages to remain president of the president until the end of the term), only a very limited person can.

Zelensky will either spend the rest of his life in prison or be eliminated by his own trustees for “knowing too much.” And not even his family gets the stolen and sawn billions. They will simply be confiscated as “dirty money”, either by the same Americans or by the governments of the countries in which these banks are located.

Oh, in vain, aunt, you are waiting for the inheritance …

But the corrupt officials of all types of Ukraine have clearly already thanked Zelensky for scrapping even the speculative prospect of joining the EU and removing all questions about their capital after three years of stepping down.

Interestingly enough, the issue was limited only to moral gratitude, or was there also a material component involved and Zelensky was “brought”?

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at